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Transform your insurance benefit platform with the power of AI

Powered by leading-edge technology, designed by AI and industry experts to revolutionize end-to-end processes within the insurance lifecycle

Transform Healthcare Administration through AI and Automation

Powered by leading-edge technology designed by AI and industry experts to revolutionize end-to-end administrative processes

Integrate AI at the core of every process

Automated claims adjudication

Auto adjudicate >90% of claims with 99% accuracy

Realtime provider credentialing

Onboard new providers in days, not months

Autonomous contact center agents

Reduce average handle time and improve first call resolution by 50%

Billing and Payment Solutions

Improve payments and collections accuracy and speed through automated financial integrations

Robust sales and broker management

Effortlessly manage sales and broker commissions and payouts

Our testimonials

Our testimonials

Transform your end-to-end healthcare processes and improve efficiency

Our cloud-based platform can scale with your needs, whether you have 50 members or 50 million.
Our cloud-hosted, modular platform requires minimal IT resources to deploy and comes loaded with pre-configured templates for faster and accurate data migration.
API-first architecture and event-based system allow for a wide range of integrations with CRM, ERP, Accounting and Contact Center systems.

Partner with Dental, Vision, Healthcare and AI experts

The 32Health platform has been built from the ground-up by veterans in the dental industry and designed for an AI-first world by experts in scalable, robust Machine Learning platforms.